Sharing the ICT Experience

The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. -- Alvin Toffler

Recipe for the successful 21st century educator - Be a 21st century learner and share your experiences.
The skills of natives + knowledge and experience of immigrants = powerful learning communities.

Edubeacon - my blogging space with links to my pesonal learning community
Linkingforlearning - my website - easy acces to relevant library and learning resources.
GotoWeb2.0 - keep posted on a large variety of Web 2.0 applications
Resources of FUSE Secondary Students website - DEECD - specifically for the Victorian teachers and students.

Essential Understandings

RSS - one of the key understandings for using the internet as a tool for your own learning and the learning of others.
Google Reader aggregator - where your information collects - all in the one place.
News feeds from the BBC - an example of the use of RSS feeds
New Scientistmagazine - another example
Specific news search on ABC News (water buyback Murray Darling)| Docklands

Blogs and Global Classroom

School Library Assoc Victoria -Bright Ideas blog
Wildlife Direct - saving endangered animals - the experience of Africa today - are we being left behind?

Social Bookmarking

My Delicious bookmarks - access your internet bookmarks regardless of the computer you are using. Learn from your community of similar interests.
Diigo bookmarking - interest groups and annotation - a step up from Where our weekly Resource Roundup links come from - automatically!

Personal Learning Network - Get yourself a Home Base

Google for Educators
Google Reader, iGoogle, Google Docs, Google Sketchup, Google Sites

The Power of podcasts

This is a whole unit on it's own - see Linking for Learning overview
iTunes - it's not just music - check the podcasts and iTunes U (K-12 content).

Flickr and friends

My sample Flickr files
Bookr - sample
11 ways to browse Flickr files by Mashable
Tag Galaxy
Picture Catalogue of State Library of Victoria - Lilydale local history pictures
Life Magazine - Sinking of HMS Strathallan, North Africa 1942

Digital story telling

50 Web 2.0 ways to tell a story
Tell a story in 5 frames - Flickr
Voicethread - choose Classroom for education deal - my Murray River Life
Voicethread - The Raven - Edgar Alan Poe - commentary on his work.

Social Spaces

Ning - OZ/NZ Educators, Classroom 2.0, ASLA Online,
EdNA -
Library Thing

Search Engines and more

Search me
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Alexa - global top 500 sites
Wordle - use this with students' essays, tag clouds, digital stories. See TagCrowd for more complexity and you can save it. Login required.
Online tools for Classroom Use

Video Technology

UStream - Will Richardson
Teachers TV

Opportunities for collaborative learning

OZ-Teachernet Land Yachts
Victorian Education Channel Global Projects
ePals Projects

Online Professional Learning

K12Online Conference 2009 - 4th year. Begins 30th November - concludes 17 December. 40 presentations.
Knowledge Bank Online Events - from DEECD Victoria. View via Elluminate collaborative desktop