Google Earth & Google Maps making learning real


Google Earth and Google Maps can be accessed on a varitety of devices - Smart phones, iPads, tablets, iTouch, Mac or PC. As universal learning tools they have the capacity to create context and understanding, develop literacy skills and become immersed learning environments.

They are powerful tools to introduce a lesson or, as a hands-on opportunity for students to plot a story narrative, relive an expedition or travel back in time.

Chrome Experiments - The Wilderness Downtown

Note: Street View and Earth View
Earth view comes to Google Maps

Google Maps 3D samples

In this hands-on workshop, conference delegates will learn how to use participants will learn how apply Google Maps and Google Earth to classroom instruction examining. They will examine possibilities for raising students, as producers and collaborators, to a higher level of thinking. To do this they will:
  1. Explore similarities and differences between these mapping tools
  2. Navigating and searching in Google Maps and Google Earth
  3. Customize Google Map Placemarks with text, links and images
  4. Explore the various features of Google Earth
  5. Share Custom Google Maps with links and as embedded maps on webpages
  6. Use Google Earth custom KML/KMZ files created by others
  7. Create Google Earth custom KML/KMZ web tours based on Lit Trips model, and share them. nana

Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips Homepage by Jerome Burg
Google Lit Trips - Downloadable tips step-by-step guides - apply to any use of Google Earth
Google Lit Trips lesson
Exploring Google Lit Trips
Expedition Lit Trips - Thomas Cooper
Google Historical Voyages and Events global project by Carol LaRow

Google Earth - the software and getting started

Google Earth download
Tours in Google Earth - very explicit instructions for getting started
Five cool, easy things you can do in Google Earth -- a good place to start
Google Earth Outreach Tutorials
Google Earth User Guide Version 5 - comprehensive guide for GE 5 and above.
Google Earth and Maps - Best Extras
Celebrating the heroes of Google Earth
## Google Earth Gallery
Google Earth Hacks

Google Earth community

Google Earth for Educators
Google Earth Outreach Community
Google Earth blog
Google Earth Sightseer newsletter
Google Sightseeing
The unOfficial Google Earth blog
Google Earth Community
Podcasts on using Google Earth from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology
Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers - Google Earth - Colette Cassineli
## One World Many Stories - Google Earth stories arranged in themes, community contribution invited

Teaching with Google Maps and Google Earth

Create your own .kmz files with ThematicMapping - blog post with detail
USGS Global Earthquake Program
Basics of using Timeline slider
Google Earth Outreach - YouTube
Google Earth Video help - YouTube
Learn Google Earth Navigation - YouTube
History Tours - 6 tours by European history students

Lesson Plans - only some of the many

Google Earth for Educators - lessons
Juicy Geography Google Earth Lessons
Google Earth Plan on Shambles - extensive list of teaching resources
50 ways to use Google Earth in the Classroom
A complete guide to using Google Earth in the GeoScience classroom
Google UK School - history and geography lessons - British Empire, slave trade, castles
US History Tours powered by Google Earth- Revolutionary War, Path to Civil War, Road to Civil Rights, Vietnam Conflict
Google Earth and Discovery Education American Revolution, Great monuments of the World
Real World Math using Google Earth

Google Earth - Real Life Use

Google Earth helps discover rare hominid ancestor in South Africa
Giant archaeological trove found in Google Earth
Feral Scan - Camel Scan - tracking wild camels in outback Australia

Google Maps - an easy alternative to Google Earth (3D)

Google Treks - (2D) in Google Maps - across the curriculum, prep to adult activities
Pompei Street View in Google Maps

## Other Map Tools

NearMap - an Australian mapping product
Scribble Maps - simple map making integrated with Google Maps
Google Earth Knowledge - Virtual Globe
Geo Greeting - fun tool - send a greeting written in shapes from Google Earth
Google Art Project - walk through the major museums and art galleries of the world - virtually. Build your own album
StrataLogicapowered by Google Maps - maps, charts, atlases and data to produce interactive visualisations Click Here.